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Discover the beauty and spiritual significance of the Andean marriage ceremony, a sacred ritual performed by an Andean priest, that embodies the energies of nature and all the sacred deities revered in the Andean religion. Join generations of Andean people in continuing the traditions of their Inca ancestors, and experience the perfect connection between two individuals as a sacred bond that brings prosperity and complete happiness.

Itinerary schedule:

  • Approximate activity time: 1 hours
  • Dates: Monday to Sunday.
  • Departure: AM /PM

General Info:

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The Andean marriage ceremony is a sacred ritual performed by an Andean priest, imbued with the energies of nature, that holds much greater significance than a conventional union between two individuals. It involves the presence of all the sacred deities revered in the Andean religion, including the primary ones that constitute the Andean duality, namely THE APUS (Spirits of the Mountains) representing the masculine side, and PACHA MAMA (Mother Earth) representing the feminine side. The water element signifies purity, while fire symbolizes the path and strength. For generations, the Andean people have continued the traditions of their Inca ancestors by participating in these ceremonies, recognizing the perfect connection between a man and a woman as a sacred bond that brings prosperity and complete happiness. PACHA MAMA provides all the necessary resources in the environment, and the APUS offer protection against any harm that may come to the couple from external forces.


Overnight in Cusco – Own arrangement.



  • Bring camera.
  • Sun protection, rain protection (rainy season November – April).
  • Comfortable clothes and footwear.

Rates: Price per person

  • 1PAX: $875.00
  • 2PAX: $530.00
  • 3PAX: $258.00
  • 4PAX: $205.00
  • 5PAX: $173.00
  • 6PAX: $151.00
  • 7PAX: $136.00

Join a group: ask about our fixed departure.

** Holidays surcharge applies on Jan 01, May 01, Jul 28, and Dec 25 **

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